Terms of service

This agreement is between Precision Pages Inc. and you, your employees, and your company. Effective as of the date of acceptance via email of a Precision Pages propsal, this agreement establishes terms and conditions of your use of Precision Pages websites, marketing and services.


Precision Pages operates between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time, Monday-Friday, excluding scheduled and business holidays. Typical turn around time for emails and phone calls is 24 business hours.


Precision Pages will not use your information in any way inconsistent with our privacy policy. Click here to review Precision Pages' privacy policy.


Precision Pages makes reasonable efforts to protect data from loss. Therefore, website files reside in multiple locations: 1.One or more copies of website file structure exist on the webserver. 2. One or more copies of website file structure exist on the development server, in a different physical location. 3. A copy of website file structure is moved to an external secondary hard drive on a weekly basis. In addition to the above file structure safeguards, the database of database-driven sites is backed up on a nightly basis. These backups then reside in the locations outlined above for website files.


Precision Pages hosts its client sites on GoDaddy Inc. servers. GoDaddy Inc. was chosen as Precision Pages' hosting partner because it is among the largest hosting providers in North America, has 24 hour service and support, and specifies a Service Availability Guarantee of 99.9% of available uptime.

Precision Pages makes every reasonable effort to maintain operation of customer websites, however because as many events and circumstances are beyond the control of Precision Pages, Precision Pages does not in any way warrant or otherwise guarantee the availability of our hosting providers' servers and is not responsible for any delay or loss of data, lack of connection, slow connection, or any other such issues whether due to the active or passive negligence of our hosting providers.


You agree to not use Precision Pages' services for unlawful purposes. Violation of local, state, federal or interntional regulations will result in the immediate termination of your Precision Pages services. You agree you will not be entitled to any refund in such circumstances.

You agree that Precision Pages reserves the right to terminate your services for any reason after a 14-day notification period. Reasonable effort to provide notice includes sending an email and/or contacting by phone according to client contact information on record.


You agree that Precision Pages possesses all rights to design, marketing, software and services unless otherwise indicated. You agree that no title or interest in such intellectual property is transferred to you.


You agree that you will be responsible for notifying Precision Pages should you desire to terminate your use of Precision Pages' services. Notification of your intent to terminate must be provided in writing within 30 days, but not more than 45 days, before renewal.


You agree to pay Precision Pages in accordance to terms specified on Precision Pages invoices. Acceptable payment forms include personal and cashier's checks. Failure to pay in accordance with said terms will result in suspension and/or termination of Precision Pages services including hosting, marketing and development.

You agree that you are responsible for renewing any and all services required to operate your website including, but not limited to, domain registration, hosting, online marketing and development fees.


You agree to fully defend and indemnify Precision Pages of and from any and all claims, including third party claims, and damages as the result of any breach or claim of breach of this agreement or your negligence whether active or passive or any negligence of Precision Pages.


Precision Pages makes every effort to provide high quality service to its clients and their customers. You agree not to hold Precision Pages liable, and Precision Pages agrees not to hold you liable for circumstances beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war and government.

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