Drupal Website Maintenance

drupal website maintenance managementDoes your company already have a Drupal website? Do you need professional support to help you manage it?

Precision Pages works with large and small companies to manage the operation of their Drupal website for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time webmaster. Whether the person who built your website no longer works for your company, or the agency that created it is no longer responsible for the site, we can help.

Drupal Maintenance Services:

  • Drupal Core Updates - These are critical. Your website is software. If you run an out of date version of your Drupal CMS, you risk diminished performance, conflicts with web server upgrades, customer dissatisfaction, even vulnerability to hackers.
  • Contributed Module Updates - Similar to core updates, your contributed modules pose a significant risk if not kept up to date.
  • Content Updates - Simple updates are a snap with Drupal. But when you have something out of the ordinary to accomplish, we can help!
  • Test Environment - We will create a local development copy of the site for testing updates - minimizing chances of downtime.
  • Backup and Recovery - You do back up your website, don't you? If you need help, we will devise and test a backup and recovery strategy, ensuring no more than one day of work is lost in the event of a hardware failure or other accident.

Drupal Enhancements:

  • Ubercart E-Commerce - We can help you add an integrated online store to your Drupal website.
  • WYSIWYG Content Editors - A must if you need more control over your content formatting.
  • Image Galleries - There is a surprising amount of variety in image gallery design. We can build a solution tailored to your business.
  • Advanced Webforms - For situations where you need more flexibility than the typical contact us form.
  • New Module Selection and Installation

Other Services:

  • Drupal Performance Troubleshooting - We can help determine why your site is slow.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing and Troubleshooting - Is a key part of your website breaking in Internet Explorer, but working in Firefox and Chrome? We can help.
  • Drupal Site Moving - Moving your site to a new server or webhost? We're experienced and can ensure your site move is a success.
  • Training - We are experienced teachers and can work with your technical or non-technical employees to help them better understand day to day operation of your Drupal website.